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EUROCONGRES S.A. is the company that develops and mantains this website. We are located at Avda. Constitución, nº18. 18012 Granada. We offer IT services for the organizers of the event SEIO2022, and this website is part of those services.

How we handle your information

The personal information you introduce through the forms of our website (pre-registration, enrollment, paper submission, surveys, etc.) will be treated in a way that comply with all national and European laws regarding data protection. Your data will be stored in a database named CONFERENCE, which is physically located in the AMS3 Data Center of our provider DigitalOcean. This Data Center is located inside EU and therefore complies with all European laws as well.

Which informatio we collect

Apart from the information you introduce through the forms of our website, in some cases we also collect your IP address and the vendor and version of your browser. We do this in order to fight spam, and also in order to facilitate detection, tracking and fixing bugs that sometimes happen in the platform.

How we share your information with

We won't share directly your information to any third party.

We do share annonymous and non-identifable data with Google Analytics, which analyzes for us the website traffic. You can see the details of how they treat the data they collect in this link.

What are your rights?

If you have pre-registered on the conference, which means we already have information of yours, you can request an export file of all the information we have about you. You can also request that we delete all your personal information from our database. You can do this by addressing to us at [email protected] // Comité Organizador: [email protected], or by snail mail at Avda. Constitución, nº18. 18012 Granada.


We are commited to respect your privacy and only use your information according to the purpose they were requested for, and we assume our responsibility of storing them, and adopt all measured in our hands to prevent leaks, loss and non-authorized access according to all national and European laws.

When paying your inscription online, if you choose credit card method, we'll redirect you to the bank's secure website. They have all security measures and comply all legislation. And the bank transaction will be something between you both parties. We won't have access to any payment information like credit card or bank account.

Latest news

  • 6/8/22
    Visit Alhambra

    Tomorrow, Thursday, we will visit the Alhambra. 1. At 7:00 p.m., buses will start leaving from the door of the Hotel Granada Center (in front of the door of the Faculty of Sciences) 2. Upon arrival, groups with guides will be organized. 3. There will be groups in English language. These groups will wait at the destination until the arrival of all buses. 4. After the visit to the Alhambra we will walk to the Carmen de los Mártires to have a cocktail. 5. On the way back, we can go back by bus, which will leave from the same place where they left us at the Alhambra. 6. Although the way to the Alhambra by bus seems long, it really is close to the city. We invite you, whoever wishes, to go down for a pleasant walk. 7. Do not forget to take your Alhambra ticket and your identity card or passport. The document must be the same whose number matches the ticket number you have.

  • 5/31/22
    YouTube Channel

    The menu label is already on the web from where you can see the live broadcasts: inauguration, plenary sessions, round tables,... Don't forget to enter the YouTube channel and subscribe!!!!

  • 5/27/22
    Gala Dinner

    It opens the possibility that anyone who is registered for the conference, and wants non-registered companions to attend the gala dinner, can do so by paying the price of this dinner (80 euros VAT included). This payment must be made before June 1 (inclusive). To do this, contact with [email protected]

  • 5/23/22

    To access the Alhambra on the visit on Thursday 9, it is obligatory to present the identification document whose reference was sent to the organization (eurocongress)

  • 5/16/22
    Social Events

    All social events are included with the payment of the corresponding registration.

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