R. Morales Arsenal, J. M. Pinar Pérez

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted higher education systems to quickly adapts to a distance learning environment. However, the completion of online written exams has been the most difficult challenge due to ensure confidence in the evaluation system. During the course 2019/2020, three written exams were done. The first midterm exam was carried out before the pandemic period (face-to-face exam) and the second midterm and the final exam were conducted in remote mode. A set of modifications in the final written exam were carried out: Time adjustment, total randomization, incorporation of proctoring systems and question type. These changes prevent not only unethical behaviors but also penalize the so-called strategic or bulimic student. The exam modifications were evaluated with Bayesian techniques. The empirical results indicate that a combination of different measures is a necessary condition in order to increase the reliability of the on-line written exams.

Keywords: Remote exams, total randomization, proctoring, non-recall questions


GT05 Teaching and Learning of Statistics and Operations Research. Teaching for new realities. Tools and challenges I
June 7, 2022  12:00 PM

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